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gtkunixprint Functions — the built-in functions of the gtkunixprint module


    def gtkunixprint.enumerate_printers(func, data=None, wait=True)



    def gtkunixprint.enumerate_printers(func, data=None, wait=True)

func :

a function to call for each printer

data :

user data to pass to func

wait :

if True, wait in a recursive mainloop until all printers are enumerated; otherwise return early


This function is available in PyGTK 2.10 and above.

Calls the function specified by func for all gtkunixprint.Printers. If func returns True, the enumeration is stopped.

The signature of func is:

  def func(printer, user_data):

where printer is a gtkunixprint.Printer object and user_data is data. Note if data is not specified user_data will not be passed to func.

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