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Part I. API Reference

Librsvg is a library for rendering Scalable Vector Graphics files (SVG). Specifically, it can take non-animated, non-scripted SVG documents and render them into a Cairo surface. Normally this means an in-memory raster surface, but it could also be any of the other surface types that Cairo supports.

Librsvg supports many of the graphic features in the SVG 1.1 and SVG2 specifications. The main features of SVG that librsvg does not support are the following:

  • Scripting or animation - Librsvg reads SVG data and renders it to a static image. There is no provision to execute scripts that may control animation parameters.

  • Access to the DOM - Librsvg creates an internal representation of the SVG data, but it does not provide outside access to the resulting Document Object Model (DOM).

  • SVG fonts - Instead, librsvg relies on the system's fonts, particularly those that are available through Cairo/Pango.

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