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TpBaseMediaCallChannel — base class for TpSvcChannelTypeCall RTP media implementations

Object Hierarchy



This is a base class for connection managers that use standard RTP media.



typedef struct _TpBaseMediaCallChannel TpBaseMediaCallChannel;

A base class for call channel implementations with standard RTP

Since 0.17.5

struct TpBaseMediaCallChannelClass

struct TpBaseMediaCallChannelClass {
  TpBaseMediaCallChannelHoldStateChangedFunc hold_state_changed;
  TpBaseMediaCallChannelVoidFunc accept;

The class structure for TpBaseMediaCallChannel

TpBaseMediaCallChannelHoldStateChangedFunc hold_state_changed;

optional; virtual method called when the hold state changed

TpBaseMediaCallChannelVoidFunc accept;

optional; virtual method called when the call is locally accepted and contents are ready. This replaces TpBaseCallChannelClass.accept.

Since 0.17.5

TpBaseMediaCallChannelHoldStateChangedFunc ()

void                (*TpBaseMediaCallChannelHoldStateChangedFunc)
                                                        (TpBaseMediaCallChannel *self,
                                                         TpLocalHoldState hold_state,
                                                         TpLocalHoldStateReason hold_state_reason);

Signature of an implementation of TpBaseMediaCallChannelClass.hold_state_changed.

self :

a TpBaseMediaCallChannel

hold_state :

the new TpLocalHoldState

hold_state_reason :

the TpLocalHoldStateReason for this change

Since 0.17.5

TpBaseMediaCallChannelVoidFunc ()

void                (*TpBaseMediaCallChannelVoidFunc)   (TpBaseMediaCallChannel *self);

Signature of an implementation of TpBaseMediaCallChannelClass.accept.

Since 0.17.5

tp_base_media_call_channel_get_local_hold_state ()

TpLocalHoldState    tp_base_media_call_channel_get_local_hold_state
                                                        (TpBaseMediaCallChannel *channel,
                                                         TpLocalHoldStateReason *reason);

channel :

a TpBaseMediaCallChannel

reason :

pointer to a location where to store the reason, or NULL

Returns :

The current hold state

Since 0.17.6

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