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TpBaseRoomConfig — implements the RoomConfig interface for chat rooms.

Object Hierarchy



  "anonymous"                gboolean              : Read / Write
  "can-update-configuration" gboolean              : Read / Write
  "channel"                  TpBaseChannel*        : Read / Write / Construct Only
  "configuration-retrieved"  gboolean              : Read
  "description"              gchar*                : Read / Write
  "invite-only"              gboolean              : Read / Write
  "limit"                    guint                 : Read / Write
  "moderated"                gboolean              : Read / Write
  "mutable-properties"       GStrv                 : Read
  "password"                 gchar*                : Read / Write
  "password-hint"            gchar*                : Read / Write
  "password-protected"       gboolean              : Read / Write
  "persistent"               gboolean              : Read / Write
  "private"                  gboolean              : Read / Write
  "title"                    gchar*                : Read / Write


This class implements the TpSvcChannelInterfaceRoomConfig interface on multi-user chat room channels. CMs are expected to subclass this base class to implement the protocol-specific details of changing room configuration. Then, in the connection manager's subclass of TpBaseChannel for multi-user chats:

If this protocol supports modifying some aspects of the room's configuration, the subclass should call tp_base_room_config_set_property_mutable() to mark appropriate properties as potentially-modifiable, call tp_base_room_config_set_can_update_configuration() to indicate whether the local user has permission to modify those properties at present, and implement TpBaseRoomConfigClass.update_async. When updates to properties are received from the network, they should be updated on this object using g_object_set():

g_object_self (room_config,
   "description", "A place to bury strangers",
   "private", TRUE,
tp_base_room_config_emit_properties_changed (room_config);

On joining the room, once the entire room configuration has been retrieved from the network, the CM should call tp_base_room_config_set_retrieved().



typedef struct _TpBaseRoomConfig TpBaseRoomConfig;

An object representing the configuration of a multi-user chat room.

There are no public fields.

struct TpBaseRoomConfigClass

struct TpBaseRoomConfigClass {
    TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateAsync update_async;
    TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateFinish update_finish;

Class structure for TpBaseRoomConfig. By default, update_async is NULL, indicating that updating room configuration is not implemented; subclasses should override it if they wish to support updating room configuration.

TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateAsync update_async;

begins a request to modify the room's configuration.

TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateFinish update_finish;

completes a call to update_async; the default implementation may be used if update_async uses GSimpleAsyncResult

TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateAsync ()

void                (*TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateAsync)      (TpBaseRoomConfig *self,
                                                         GHashTable *validated_properties,
                                                         GAsyncReadyCallback callback,
                                                         gpointer user_data);

Signature for a function to begin a network request to update the room configuration. It is guaranteed that validated_properties will only contain properties which were marked as mutable when the D-Bus method invocation arrived.

Note that TpBaseRoomConfig will take care of applying the property updates to itself if the operation succeeds.

self :

a TpBaseRoomConfig

validated_properties :

a mapping from TpBaseRoomConfigProperty to GValue, whose types have already been validated. The function should not modify this hash table.

callback :

a callback to call on success, failure or disconnection

user_data :

user data for the callback

TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateFinish ()

gboolean            (*TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateFinish)     (TpBaseRoomConfig *self,
                                                         GAsyncResult *result,
                                                         GError **error);

Signature for a function to complete a call to a corresponding implementation of TpBaseRoomConfigUpdateAsync.

self :

a TpBaseRoomConfig

result :

the result passed to the callback

error :

used to return an error if FALSE is returned.

Returns :

TRUE if the room configuration update was accepted by the server; FALSE, with error set, otherwise.

tp_base_room_config_register_class ()

void                tp_base_room_config_register_class  (TpBaseChannelClass *base_channel_class);

Registers that D-Bus properties for the RoomConfig1 interface should be handled by a TpBaseRoomConfig object associated with instances of base_channel_class.

base_channel_class must implement TP_SVC_CHANNEL_INTERFACE_ROOM_CONFIG using tp_base_room_config_iface_init(), and instances of base_channel_class must construct an instance of TpBaseRoomConfig, passing themself as "channel".

base_channel_class :

the class structure for a subclass of TpBaseChannel which uses this object to implement TP_SVC_CHANNEL_INTERFACE_ROOM_CONFIG

tp_base_room_config_iface_init ()

void                tp_base_room_config_iface_init      (gpointer g_iface,
                                                         gpointer iface_data);

Pass this as the second argument to G_IMPLEMENT_INTERFACE() when defining a TpBaseChannel subclass to declare that TP_SVC_CHANNEL_INTERFACE_ROOM_CONFIG is implemented using this class. The TpBaseChannel subclass must also call tp_base_room_config_register_class() in its class_init function, and construct a TpBaseRoomConfig object for each instance.

g_iface :

a pointer to a TpSvcChannelInterfaceRoomConfigClass structure

iface_data :


enum TpBaseRoomConfigProperty

typedef enum {
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_ANONYMOUS = 0, /*< nick=Anonymous >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_INVITE_ONLY, /*< nick=InviteOnly >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_LIMIT, /*< nick=Limit >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_MODERATED, /*< nick=Moderated >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_TITLE, /*< nick=Title >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_DESCRIPTION, /*< nick=Description >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PERSISTENT, /*< nick=Persistent >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PRIVATE, /*< nick=Private >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PASSWORD_PROTECTED, /*< nick=PasswordProtected >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PASSWORD, /*< nick=Password >*/
    TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PASSWORD_HINT, /*< nick=PasswordHint >*/

} TpBaseRoomConfigProperty;

An enumeration of room configuration fields, corresponding to GObject properties and, in turn, to D-Bus properties.


corresponds to "anonymous"


corresponds to "invite-only"


corresponds to "limit"


corresponds to "moderated"


corresponds to "title"


corresponds to "description"


corresponds to "persistent"


corresponds to "private"


corresponds to "password-protected"


corresponds to "password"


corresponds to "password-hint"


the number of configuration properties currently defined.


#define TP_TYPE_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PROPERTY (tp_base_room_config_property_get_type ())

The GEnumClass type of TpBaseRoomConfigProperty. (The nicknames are chosen to correspond to unqualified D-Bus property names.)

tp_base_room_config_dup_channel ()

TpBaseChannel *     tp_base_room_config_dup_channel     (TpBaseRoomConfig *self);

Returns the channel to which self is attached.

self :

a TpBaseChannel

Returns :

the "channel" property. [transfer full]

tp_base_room_config_set_can_update_configuration ()

void                tp_base_room_config_set_can_update_configuration
                                                        (TpBaseRoomConfig *self,
                                                         gboolean can_update_configuration);

Specify whether or not the local user currently has permission to modify the room configuration.

Changes made by calling this function are not signalled over D-Bus until tp_base_room_config_emit_properties_changed() is next called.

self :

a TpBaseRoomConfig object.

can_update_configuration :

TRUE if the local user has permission to modify properties marked as mutable.

tp_base_room_config_set_property_mutable ()

void                tp_base_room_config_set_property_mutable
                                                        (TpBaseRoomConfig *self,
                                                         TpBaseRoomConfigProperty property_id,
                                                         gboolean is_mutable);

Specify whether it is possible for room members to modify the value of property_id (possibly dependent on them having channel-operator powers), or whether property_id's value is an intrinsic fact about the protocol.

For example, on IRC it is impossible to configure a channel to hide the identities of participants from others, so TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_ANONYMOUS should be marked as immutable on IRC; whereas channel operators can mark rooms as invite-only, so TP_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_INVITE_ONLY should be marked as mutable on IRC.

By default, all properties are considered immutable.

Call tp_base_room_config_set_can_update_configuration() to specify whether or not it is currently possible for the local user to alter properties marked as mutable.

Changes made by calling this function are not signalled over D-Bus until tp_base_room_config_emit_properties_changed() is next called.

self :

a TpBaseRoomConfig object.

property_id :

a property identifier (not including TP_NUM_BASE_ROOM_CONFIG_PROPERTIES)

is_mutable :

TRUE if it is possible for Telepathy clients to modify property_id when "can-update-configuration" is TRUE.

tp_base_room_config_emit_properties_changed ()

void                tp_base_room_config_emit_properties_changed
                                                        (TpBaseRoomConfig *self);

Signal the new values of properties which have been modified since the last call to this method, if any. This includes changes made by calling tp_base_room_config_set_can_update_configuration() and tp_base_room_config_set_property_mutable(), as well as changes to any of the (writeable) GObject properties on this object.

self :

a TpBaseRoomConfig object.

tp_base_room_config_set_retrieved ()

void                tp_base_room_config_set_retrieved   (TpBaseRoomConfig *self);

Signal that the room's configuration has been retrieved, as well as signalling any queued property changes. This function should be called once all properties have been set to meaningful values.

It is safe to call this function more than once; second and subsequent calls are equivalent to calling tp_base_room_config_emit_properties_changed().

self :

a TpBaseRoomConfig object

Property Details

The "anonymous" property

  "anonymous"                gboolean              : Read / Write

True if people may join the channel without other members being made aware of their identity.

Default value: FALSE

The "can-update-configuration" property

  "can-update-configuration" gboolean              : Read / Write

If True, the user may call UpdateConfiguration to change the values of the properties listed in MutableProperties.

Default value: FALSE

The "channel" property

  "channel"                  TpBaseChannel*        : Read / Write / Construct Only

Parent TpBaseChannel.

The "configuration-retrieved" property

  "configuration-retrieved"  gboolean              : Read

Becomes True once the room config has been fetched from the network.

Default value: FALSE

The "description" property

  "description"              gchar*                : Read / Write

A human-readable description of the channel's overall purpose; if any.

Default value: ""

The "invite-only" property

  "invite-only"              gboolean              : Read / Write

True if people may not join the channel until they have been invited.

Default value: FALSE

The "limit" property

  "limit"                    guint                 : Read / Write

The limit to the number of members; or 0 if there is no limit.

Default value: 0

The "moderated" property

  "moderated"                gboolean              : Read / Write

True if channel membership is not sufficient to allow participation.

Default value: FALSE

The "mutable-properties" property

  "mutable-properties"       GStrv                 : Read

A list of (unqualified) property names on this interface which may be modified using UpdateConfiguration (if CanUpdateConfiguration is True). Properties not listed here cannot be modified.

The "password" property

  "password"                 gchar*                : Read / Write

If PasswordProtected is True, the password required to enter the channel, if known. If the password is unknown, or PasswordProtected is False, the empty string.

Default value: ""

The "password-hint" property

  "password-hint"            gchar*                : Read / Write

If PasswordProtected is True, a hint for the password. If the passwordpassword is unknown, or PasswordProtected is False, the empty string.

Default value: ""

The "password-protected" property

  "password-protected"       gboolean              : Read / Write

True if contacts joining this channel must provide a password to be granted entry.

Default value: FALSE

The "persistent" property

  "persistent"               gboolean              : Read / Write

True if the channel will remain in existence on the server after all members have left it.

Default value: FALSE

The "private" property

  "private"                  gboolean              : Read / Write

True if the channel is not visible to non-members.

Default value: FALSE

The "title" property

  "title"                    gchar*                : Read / Write

A human-visible name for the channel, if it differs from Room.DRAFT.RoomName; the empty string, otherwise.

Default value: ""

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