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TpAutomaticClientFactory — Factory for specialized TpChannel subclasses.

Object Hierarchy



This factory overrides some TpSimpleClientFactory virtual methods to create specialized TpChannel subclasses.

TpAutomaticClientFactory will currently create TpChannel objects as follows:

It is guaranteed that the objects returned by future versions will be either the class that is currently used, or a more specific subclass of that class.

This factory asks to prepare the following features:



typedef struct _TpAutomaticClientFactory TpAutomaticClientFactory;

Data structure representing a TpAutomaticClientFactory

Since 0.15.5

struct TpAutomaticClientFactoryClass

struct TpAutomaticClientFactoryClass {
    TpSimpleClientFactoryClass parent_class;

The class of a TpAutomaticClientFactory.

TpSimpleClientFactoryClass parent_class;

the parent class

Since 0.15.5

tp_automatic_client_factory_new ()

TpAutomaticClientFactory * tp_automatic_client_factory_new
                                                        (TpDBusDaemon *dbus);

Returns a new TpAutomaticClientFactory instance. If dbus is NULL, tp_dbus_daemon_dup() will be used.

dbus :

a TpDBusDaemon, or NULL. [allow-none]

Returns :

a new TpAutomaticClientFactory

Since 0.15.5

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