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Connection and Channel Anonymity interfaces

Connection and Channel Anonymity interfaces — client-side wrappers for the Anonymity interfaces


In some protocols, mainly those that interact with the PSTN, it's possible to make a call without disclosing the originating identity (e.g. phone number). The Anonymity interfaces on the Connection and Channel can be used to control this feature in Telepathy.

This section documents the auto-generated C wrappers for the Anonymity interfaces, used with TpConnection and TpChannel objects.


tp_cli_connection_interface_anonymity_connect_to_anonymity_modes_changed ()

TpProxySignalConnection * tp_cli_connection_interface_anonymity_connect_to_anonymity_modes_changed
                                                        (TpConnection *proxy,
                                                         tp_cli_connection_interface_anonymity_signal_callback_anonymity_modes_changed callback,
                                                         gpointer user_data,
                                                         GDestroyNotify destroy,
                                                         GObject *weak_object,
                                                         GError **error);

Connect a handler to the signal AnonymityModesChanged.

Emitted when the anonymity mode has changed.

proxy :

A TpConnection or subclass

callback :

Callback to be called when the signal is received

user_data :

User-supplied data for the callback

destroy :

Destructor for the user-supplied data, which will be called when this signal is disconnected, or before this function returns NULL

weak_object :

A GObject which will be weakly referenced; if it is destroyed, this callback will automatically be disconnected

error :

If not NULL, used to raise an error if NULL is returned

Returns :

a TpProxySignalConnection containing all of the above, which can be used to disconnect the signal; or NULL if the proxy does not have the desired interface or has become invalid.

tp_cli_connection_interface_anonymity_signal_callback_anonymity_modes_changed ()

void                (*tp_cli_connection_interface_anonymity_signal_callback_anonymity_modes_changed)
                                                        (TpConnection *proxy,
                                                         guint arg_Modes,
                                                         gpointer user_data,
                                                         GObject *weak_object);

Represents the signature of a callback for the signal AnonymityModesChanged.

proxy :

The proxy on which tp_cli_connection_interface_anonymity_connect_to_anonymity_modes_changed() was called

arg_Modes :

The new anonymity modes for this connection. (TpAnonymityModeFlags)

user_data :

User-supplied data

weak_object :

User-supplied weakly referenced object
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