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Connection Balance interface

Connection Balance interface — client-side wrappers for the Balance interface


In some real-time communication services the user can pay for certain services, typically calls to the PSTN, in advance. In (at least) Skype, it's possible to query the current balance in a machine-readable way.

This section documents the auto-generated C wrappers for the Balance interface, used with TpConnection objects.


tp_cli_connection_interface_balance_connect_to_balance_changed ()

TpProxySignalConnection * tp_cli_connection_interface_balance_connect_to_balance_changed
                                                        (TpConnection *proxy,
                                                         tp_cli_connection_interface_balance_signal_callback_balance_changed callback,
                                                         gpointer user_data,
                                                         GDestroyNotify destroy,
                                                         GObject *weak_object,
                                                         GError **error);

Connect a handler to the signal BalanceChanged.

<tp:docstring xmlns=""> <p>Emitted when the user's balance has changed.</p>

proxy :

A TpConnection or subclass

callback :

Callback to be called when the signal is received

user_data :

User-supplied data for the callback

destroy :

Destructor for the user-supplied data, which will be called when this signal is disconnected, or before this function returns NULL

weak_object :

A GObject which will be weakly referenced; if it is destroyed, this callback will automatically be disconnected

error :

If not NULL, used to raise an error if NULL is returned

Returns :

a TpProxySignalConnection containing all of the above, which can be used to disconnect the signal; or NULL if the proxy does not have the desired interface or has become invalid.

tp_cli_connection_interface_balance_signal_callback_balance_changed ()

void                (*tp_cli_connection_interface_balance_signal_callback_balance_changed)
                                                        (TpConnection *proxy,
                                                         const GValueArray *arg_Balance,
                                                         gpointer user_data,
                                                         GObject *weak_object);

Represents the signature of a callback for the signal BalanceChanged.

proxy :

The proxy on which tp_cli_connection_interface_balance_connect_to_balance_changed() was called

arg_Balance :

<tp:docstring xmlns=""> <p>The new value of the <tp:member-ref>AccountBalance</tp:member-ref> property.</p>

user_data :

User-supplied data

weak_object :

User-supplied weakly referenced object

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