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6 Examining the Stack

When your program has stopped, the first thing you need to know is where it stopped and how it got there. All GDB commands apply here See ( These commands let you inspect and browse the C stack. In addition you may inspect the stack restricted to Bigloo stack frames.

info stack
i s

Print the current stack frames. These frames may be inspected in turn with the frame command.

info args
i a

Print the arguments of the selected frame, each on a separate line.

cinfo args
ci a

If the current stack frame belongs to a Bigloo function then the arguments hold Bigloo values. The info args displays the Bigloo values of these arguments. In some situation it is useful to access the C representation for these arguments. This can be achieved by the cinfo args command that forces BDB not to interpret the current function as a Bigloo function.

info locals
i l

Print the local variables of the selected frame, each on a separate line.

cinfo locals
ci a

Print the local variables as if they were C variables, each on a separate line.

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