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7 Using BDB under Emacs

A special interface allows you to use Emacs to view (and edit) the source files for the program you are debugging with BDB.

To use this interface, use the command M-x bdb in Emacs or click the Bdb icon of the Bee tool bar Give the executable file you want to debug as an argument. This command starts BDB as a subprocess of Emacs, with input and output through a newly created Emacs buffer.

Breakpoints may be set by the means of mouse clicks. Once a buffer is connected to the debugger (connection is automatic when the execution thread stops inside a buffer, or connection may be explicitly requested with the Connect icon), a left margin is printed. Clicking <button-3> on the margin will pop up a menu that enables breakpoint settings.

Breakpoints may be disabled or deleted by the means of mouse menu. Click <button-2> on a breakpoint icon.

The M-x bdb provides facilities for displaying all kinds of information such as stack frames, automatic display, source code browsing, stepping, etc.

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