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26.3 Mouse Clicks for Menus

Several mouse clicks with the <CTRL> and <SHIFT> modifiers bring up menus.


This menu is for selecting a buffer.

The MSB (“mouse select buffer”) global minor mode makes this menu smarter and more customizable. See section Customizing Buffer Menus.


This menu is for specifying faces and other text properties for editing formatted text. See section Editing Formatted Text.


This menu is mode-specific. For most modes if Menu-bar mode is on, this menu has the same items as all the mode-specific menu-bar menus put together. Some modes may specify a different menu for this button.(4) If Menu-bar mode is off, this menu contains all the items which would be present in the menu bar—not just the mode-specific ones—so that you can access them without having to display the menu bar.


This menu is for specifying the frame's default font.

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