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Lzip Manual

This manual is for Lzip (version 1.24, 26 January 2024).

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* Introduction::           Purpose and features of lzip
* Output::                 Meaning of lzip's output
* Invoking lzip::          Command-line interface
* Quality assurance::      Design, development, and testing of lzip
* Algorithm::              How lzip compresses the data
* File format::            Detailed format of the compressed file
* Stream format::          Format of the LZMA stream in lzip files
* Trailing data::          Extra data appended to the file
* Examples::               A small tutorial with examples
* Problems::               Reporting bugs
* Reference source code::  Source code illustrating stream format
* Concept index::          Index of concepts

   Copyright (C) 2008-2024 Antonio Diaz Diaz.

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