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3.6 The ‘Top’ Node and Master Menu

The ‘Top’ node is the node in which a reader enters an Info manual. As such, it should begin with a brief description of the manual (including the version number), and end with a master menu for the whole manual. Of course you should include any other general information you feel a reader would find helpful.

It is conventional and desirable to write an @top sectioning command line containing the title of the document immediately after the @node Top line (see section The @top Sectioning Command).

The contents of the ‘Top’ node should appear only in the online output; none of it should appear in printed output, so enclose it between @ifnottex and @end ifnottex commands. (TeX does not print either an @node line or a menu; they appear only in Info; strictly speaking, you are not required to enclose these parts between @ifnottex and @end ifnottex, but it is simplest to do so. See section Conditionally Visible Text.)

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