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Types and Values



Types and Values

struct GstFFMpegVidDec

struct GstFFMpegVidDec {
  GstVideoDecoder parent;

  GstVideoCodecState *input_state;
  GstVideoCodecState *output_state;

  /* decoding */
  AVCodecContext *context;
  AVFrame *picture;
  GstVideoMultiviewMode picture_multiview_mode;
  GstVideoMultiviewFlags picture_multiview_flags;
  gint stride[AV_NUM_DATA_POINTERS];
  gboolean opened;

  /* current output pictures */
  enum AVPixelFormat pic_pix_fmt;
  gint pic_width;
  gint pic_height;
  gint pic_par_n;
  gint pic_par_d;
  gint pic_interlaced;
  gint pic_field_order;
  gboolean pic_field_order_changed;
  GstVideoMultiviewMode cur_multiview_mode;
  GstVideoMultiviewFlags cur_multiview_flags;
  /* current context */
  gint ctx_ticks;
  gint ctx_time_d;
  gint ctx_time_n;
  GstBuffer *palette;

  guint8 *padded;
  guint padded_size;

  /* some properties */
  enum AVDiscard skip_frame;
  gint lowres;
  gboolean direct_rendering;
  gboolean debug_mv;
  int max_threads;
  gboolean output_corrupt;

  GstCaps *last_caps;

  /* Internally used for direct rendering */
  GstBufferPool *internal_pool;
  gint pool_width;
  gint pool_height;
  enum AVPixelFormat pool_format;
  GstVideoInfo pool_info;

struct GstFFMpegVidDecClass

struct GstFFMpegVidDecClass {
  GstVideoDecoderClass parent_class;

  AVCodec *in_plugin;
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