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Types and Values



Types and Values

struct GstFFMpegVidEnc

struct GstFFMpegVidEnc {
  GstVideoEncoder parent;

  GstVideoCodecState *input_state;

  AVCodecContext *context;
  AVFrame *picture;
  gboolean opened;
  gboolean discont;

  /* cache */
  gint bitrate;
  gint me_method;
  gint gop_size;
  gint buffer_size;
  gint rtp_payload_size;
  gint compliance;
  gint max_threads;

  guint8 *working_buf;
  gsize working_buf_size;

  /* settings with some special handling */
  guint pass;
  gfloat quantizer;
  gchar *filename;
  guint lmin;
  guint lmax;
  gint max_key_interval;
  gboolean interlaced;

  /* statistics file */
  FILE *file;

  /* other settings are copied over straight,
   * include a context here, rather than copy-and-past it from avcodec.h */
  AVCodecContext config;

struct GstFFMpegVidEncClass

struct GstFFMpegVidEncClass {
  GstVideoEncoderClass parent_class;

  AVCodec *in_plugin;
  GstPadTemplate *srctempl, *sinktempl;
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