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for libsecret 0.18.6 . An online version of this documentation can be found at

I. Simple API
Password storage — Simple password storage and lookup
SecretSchema — Schema for defining which attributes are on items
II. Examples
C examples
C example: Define a password schema
C example: Store a password
C example: Lookup a password
C example: Remove a password
Javascript examples
Javascript example: Define a password schema
Javascript example: Store a password
Javascript example: Lookup a password
Javascript example: Remove a password
Python examples
Python example: Define a password schema
Python example: Store a password
Python example: Lookup a password
Python example: Remove a password
Vala examples
Vala example: Define a password schema
Vala example: Store a password
Vala example: Lookup a password
Vala example: Remove a password
III. Complete API
SecretService — the Secret Service
SecretCollection — A collection of secret items
SecretItem — A secret item
SecretValue — a value containing a secret
Secret Attributes — secret attributes
SecretPrompt — a prompt in the Service
SecretError — libsecret errors
DBus Path Related Functions — Secret Service functions which operate on DBus object paths
IV. Using libsecret in builds or scripts
C: Compiling with libsecret
Javascript: Importing libsecret
Python: Importing libsecret
Vala: Compiling with libsecret
V. Migrating from libgnome-keyring
API conversion
Item attributes
Working with schemas
Storing passwords and items
Searching for passwords and items
Removing passwords and icons
Item management
Keyring management
Locking and unlocking
Non-pageable memory
Errors and cancellation
Annotation Glossary
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