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Non-pageable memory

libsecret no longer provides a full API for using non-pageable memory. Use the equivalent API in the Gcr library.

You can request that passwords are returned in non-pageable memory by using the secret_password_lookup_nonpageable_sync() and secret_password_lookup_nonpageable_finish() functions. In addition the contents of SecretValue items is stored in non-pageable memory, unless the system doesn't support this.

Replacements for related libgnome-keyring functions and types are described below:

Table 9. 

libgnome-keyring libsecret
gnome_keyring_memory_alloc() no equivalent, use Gcr
gnome_keyring_memory_free() secret_password_free(), although this only works on strings
gnome_keyring_memory_is_secure() no equivalent, use Gcr
gnome_keyring_memory_new() no equivalent, use Gcr
gnome_keyring_memory_realloc() no equivalent, use Gcr
gnome_keyring_memory_strdup() no equivalent, use SecretValue which is ref-counted, or use Gcr
gnome_keyring_memory_try_alloc() no equivalent, use Gcr
gnome_keyring_memory_try_realloc() no equivalent, use Gcr
gnome_keyring_free_password() secret_password_free()

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