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Locking and unlocking

In libsecret you can unlock items directly, and the result is (with gnome-keyring daemon) that the enclosing collection will be unlocked.

It is no longer possible to pass a password to unlock keyrings. These are automatically prompted for.

Replacements for related libgnome-keyring functions and types are described below:

Table 8. 

libgnome-keyring libsecret
gnome_keyring_unlock() secret_service_unlock()
gnome_keyring_unlock_sync() secret_service_unlock_sync()
gnome_keyring_lock() secret_service_lock()
gnome_keyring_lock_sync() secret_service_lock_sync()
gnome_keyring_lock_all() no equivalent, use platform specific DBus APIs
gnome_keyring_lock_all_sync() no equivalent, use platform specific DBus APIs

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