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Concept Index: D – E

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Index Entry Section

day of year39.4 Miscellaneous Calendar Commands
daylight saving time39.13 Daylight Saving Time
DBX32.6 Running Debuggers Under Emacs
dead character27.18 Unibyte Editing Mode
debuggers32.6 Running Debuggers Under Emacs
debugging Emacs, tricks and techniques60.3 Checklist for Bug Reports
debugging X problemsD.2 Table of X Resources for Emacs
decoding mail messages (Rmail)37.14 Rmail and Coding Systems
decoding non-ASCII keyboard input on X27.12 Coding Systems for Interprocess Communication
default argument9. The Minibuffer
default-frame-alist26.5 Creating Frames
default.el’ file, not loadingC.2 Initial Options
default.el’, the default init file57.6 The Init File, ‘~/.emacs
defining keyboard macros22. Keyboard Macros
defuns31.2.2 Moving by Defuns
<DEL> vs <BACKSPACE>59.1 If <DEL> Fails to Delete
delete column in table30.13.7 Commands for Table Columns
delete row in table30.13.6 Commands for Table Rows
Delete Selection mode26.1.1 Mouse Commands for Editing
deleting auto-save files38.4 Flagging Many Files at Once
deleting blank lines8.7 Blank Lines
deleting characters and lines8.3 Erasing Text
deleting files (in Dired)38.3 Deleting Files with Dired
deleting some backup files38.4 Flagging Many Files at Once
deletion13. Killing and Moving Text
deletion (of files)23.12 Miscellaneous File Operations
deletion (Rmail)37.4 Deleting Messages
Delphi mode31.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages
desktop51. Saving Emacs Sessions
Devanagari27. International Character Set Support
developediment55. Dissociated Press
device for Emacs terminal I/OC.2 Initial Options
dialog boxes26.16 Using Dialog Boxes
diary39.10 The Diary
diary buffer39.15.7 Fancy Diary Display
diary file39.10.2 The Diary File
Diff mode23.11 Diff Mode
digest message37.16 Digest Messages
directional window selection25.7 Window Handling Convenience Features and Customization
directories in buffer names24.7.1 Making Buffer Names Unique
directory header lines38.13 Moving Over Subdirectories
directory listing23.9 File Directories
directory listing on MS-DOSG.10.7 Subprocesses on MS-DOS
directory tracking41.6 Directory Tracking
Dired38. Dired, the Directory Editor
Dired sorting38.15 Updating the Dired Buffer
Dired, and MS-Windows/MS-DOSG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
disable window systemC.2 Initial Options
disabled command57.4.10 Disabling Commands
disabling remote files23.15 Remote Files
DISPLAY environment variableC.6 Specifying the Display Name
display for Emacs frameC.2 Initial Options
display name (X Window System)C.6 Specifying the Display Name
display of buffer size19.13 Optional Mode Line Features
display of line number19.13 Optional Mode Line Features
DNS mode31.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages
DocTeX mode30.9 TeX Mode
doctor59.8 Help for Total Frustration
DOS applications, running from EmacsG.7 Subprocesses on Windows 9X/ME and Windows NT/2K/XP
DOS codepagesG.10.6 International Support on MS-DOS
DOS-style end-of-line display27.8 Recognizing Coding Systems
DOS-to-Unix conversion of filesG.1 Text Files and Binary Files
double clicks57.4.9 Rebinding Mouse Buttons
double slash in file name9.1 Minibuffers for File Names
down events57.4.9 Rebinding Mouse Buttons
downcase file names38.9 Transforming File Names in Dired
drag and drop26.13 Drag and Drop
drag and drop, Dired38.19 Other Dired Features
drag events57.4.9 Rebinding Mouse Buttons
drastic changes23.4 Reverting a Buffer
dribble file60.3 Checklist for Bug Reports
DSSSL mode31.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages
Dutch27. International Character Set Support

Ebrowse33.3 Tags Tables
echo area1.2 The Echo Area
Edebug60.3 Checklist for Bug Reports
editable fields (customization buffer)57.2.1 Customization Groups
editing binary files50. Editing Binary Files
editing in Picture mode35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
editing level, recursive52. Recursive Editing Levels
EDITOR environment variable42. Using Emacs as a Server
EDT53. Emulation
Eldoc mode31.6.3 Emacs Lisp Documentation Lookup
Eliza59.8 Help for Total Frustration
Emacs as a server42. Using Emacs as a Server
EMACS environment variable41.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
Emacs icon, a gnuC.12 Icons
Emacs initialization file57.6 The Init File, ‘~/.emacs
Emacs-Lisp mode32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
emacs.bash42. Using Emacs as a Server
EMACS_SERVER_FILE environment variable42.1 Invoking emacsclient
emacsclient42. Using Emacs as a Server
emacsclient invocation and options42.1 Invoking emacsclient
Emerge33.4 Merging Files with Emerge
emulating other editors53. Emulation
emulation of Brief53. Emulation
encoding of characters27. International Character Set Support
end-of-line conversion27.7 Coding Systems
end-of-line conversion on MS-DOS/MS-WindowsG.1 Text Files and Binary Files
end-of-line conversion, mode-line indication1.3 The Mode Line
enlarge a table cell30.13.4 Commands for Table Cells
Enriched mode30.12 Editing Formatted Text
entering Emacs6. Entering and Exiting Emacs
environment variablesC.5 Environment Variables
environment variables (Mac OS)F.3 Environment Variables and Command Line Arguments.
environment variables for subshells41.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
environment variables in file names23.1 File Names
environment variables, and non-ASCII characters27.2 Enabling Multibyte Characters
erasing characters and lines8.3 Erasing Text
error log32.1 Running Compilations under Emacs
error message in the echo area1.2 The Echo Area
errors in init fileC.2 Initial Options
<ESC> replacing <META> key2. Kinds of User Input
escape sequences in files27.8 Recognizing Coding Systems
ESHELL environment variable41.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
etags program33.3.2 Creating Tags Tables
Ethiopic27. International Character Set Support
Ethiopic calendar39.9.1 Supported Calendar Systems
Euro sign27.3 Language Environments
European character sets27.18 Unibyte Editing Mode
evaluate expression, command-line argumentC.1 Action Arguments
exiting7. Exiting Emacs
exiting recursive edit52. Recursive Editing Levels
expanding subdirectories in Dired38.11 Subdirectories in Dired
expansion (of abbrevs)34. Abbrevs
expansion of C macros31.11.4 Other Commands for C Mode
expansion of environment variables23.1 File Names
expression31.4.1 Expressions with Balanced Parentheses
expunging (Dired)38.3 Deleting Files with Dired
expunging (Rmail)37.4 Deleting Messages

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