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Concept Index: F – G

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face colors, setting19.5 Using Multiple Typefaces
face customization, in ‘~/.emacs26.5 Creating Frames
faces19.5 Using Multiple Typefaces
faces for highlighting query replace20.9.4 Query Replace
faces for highlighting search matches20.1.7 Lazy Search Highlighting
faces under MS-DOSG.10.3 Display on MS-DOS
failed merges23.10 Comparing Files
Feedmail36.4.1 Mail Sending
FFAP minor mode54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
file archives23.14 File Archives
file comparison (in Dired)38.10 File Comparison with Dired
file database (locate)38.16 Dired and find
file dates23.3.4 Protection against Simultaneous Editing
file directory23.9 File Directories
file local variables57.3.4 Local Variables in Files
file management38. Dired, the Directory Editor
file name caching23.17 File Name Cache
file names23.1 File Names
file names (Mac OS)F.4 Volumes and Directories on Mac
file names on MS-WindowsG.2 File Names on MS-Windows
file names under MS-DOSG.10.4 File Names on MS-DOS
file names under Windows 95/NTG.10.4 File Names on MS-DOS
file names with non-ASCII characters27.13 Coding Systems for File Names
file names, quote special characters23.16 Quoted File Names
file ownership, and backup23.3.2.4 Copying vs. Renaming
file selection dialog23.2 Visiting Files
file shadows23.3.5 Shadowing Files
file truenames23.7 File Name Aliases
file version in change log entries33.1 Change Logs
file-name completion, on MS-WindowsG.2 File Names on MS-Windows
files23. File Handling
files, visiting and saving23.2 Visiting Files
filesets23.19 Filesets
fill prefix30.5.3 The Fill Prefix
filling text30.5 Filling Text
find23.17 File Name Cache
find and Dired38.16 Dired and find
find Info manual by its file name11.8 Other Help Commands
finding file at point54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
finding files containing regexp matches (in Dired)38.6 Dired Marks vs. Flags
finding strings within text20. Searching and Replacement
firewall, and accessing remote files23.15 Remote Files
fix width of table cells30.13.8 Fix Width of Cells
fixing incorrectly decoded mail messages37.14 Rmail and Coding Systems
flagging files (in Dired)38.3 Deleting Files with Dired
flagging many files for deletion (in Dired)38.4 Flagging Many Files at Once
Flyspell mode21.5 Checking and Correcting Spelling
folding editing30.8.5 Folding Editing
Follow mode19.4 Follow Mode
font (default)26.5 Creating Frames
font for menusD.2 Table of X Resources for Emacs
Font Lock mode19.7 Font Lock mode
font name (X Window System)C.7 Font Specification Options
font names (Mac OS)F.5 Specifying Fonts on Mac
font of character at point8.9 Cursor Position Information
fonts and faces57.2.5 Customizing Faces
fonts for PostScript printing45. Variables for PostScript Hardcopy
fonts for various scripts27.3 Language Environments
fonts, emulating under MS-DOSG.10.3 Display on MS-DOS
fontsets27.15 Fontsets
foreground color, command-line argumentC.8 Window Color Options
formatted text30.12 Editing Formatted Text
formfeed30.4 Pages
Fortran continuation lines31.13.2.2 Continuation Lines
Fortran mode31.13 Fortran Mode
Fortran77 and Fortran9031.13 Fortran Mode
fortune cookies36.5 Mail Amusements
forwarding a message37.10 Sending Replies
frame focus policy, MS-WindowsG.9 Miscellaneous Windows-specific features
frame size under MS-DOSG.10.3 Display on MS-DOS
frame title, command-line argumentC.11 Frame Titles
frames26. Frames and Graphical Displays
frames on MS-DOSG.10.3 Display on MS-DOS
French Revolutionary calendar39.9.1 Supported Calendar Systems
fringe face19.6 Standard Faces
fringes19.9 Window Fringes
fringes, and continuation lines8.8 Continuation Lines
fringes, and current execution line in GUD32.6.2 Debugger Operation
fringes, and unused line indication19.11 Useless Whitespace
FTP23.15 Remote Files
fullheight, command-line argumentC.9 Options for Window Size and Position
fullscreen, command-line argumentC.9 Options for Window Size and Position
fullwidth, command-line argumentC.9 Options for Window Size and Position
function definition4. Keys and Commands
function key57.4.1 Keymaps
function, move to beginning or end31.2.2 Moving by Defuns

gamma correctionD.2 Table of X Resources for Emacs
gateway, and remote file access with ange-ftp23.15 Remote Files
GDB32.6 Running Debuggers Under Emacs
GDB commands in Fringe32.6.5.2 Source Buffers
GDB User Interface layout32.6.5.1 GDB User Interface Layout
geometry of Emacs windowC.9 Options for Window Size and Position
geometry, command-line argumentC.9 Options for Window Size and Position
German27. International Character Set Support
getting help with keys8.6 Help
Glasses mode31.9 Glasses minor mode
Global Auto-Revert mode23.4 Reverting a Buffer
global keymap57.4.1 Keymaps
global mark17. CUA Bindings
global mark ring12.7 The Global Mark Ring
global substitution20.9 Replacement Commands
Gnome26.1.5 Using the Clipboard
GNU Arch23.8.1.1 Supported Version Control Systems
Gnus40. Gnus
Go Moku56. Other Amusements
Goto-address54.2 Activating URLs
graphic characters8.1 Inserting Text
Greek27. International Character Set Support
Gregorian calendar39.9 Conversion To and From Other Calendars
growing minibuffer9.2 Editing in the Minibuffer
GTK resources and customizationD.6 GTK resources
GTK stylesD.6.3 GTK styles
GTK widget classesD.6.2 GTK Widget Names in Emacs
GTK widget namesD.6.1 GTK widget names
GTK widget namesD.6.2 GTK Widget Names in Emacs
GUD library32.6 Running Debuggers Under Emacs
gzip23.13 Accessing Compressed Files

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